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Of all the holes - where there is no shortage in Vienna - to me the Ofenloch is by far my favorite.

Friedrich Torberg, Guestbook


The restaurant is located in the middle of the Viennese city center and gives access to a different world and time. Take a culinary and architectural trip to the historic old Vienna of the late imperial period.

The building itself forms an ensemble with the Restaurant, which has been located here since 1704. With its vaults, panels, niches, butts and above all the caricature and graphic collection, it is almost a monument - and yet quite relaxed.

The impressive wine list with selected Austrian and Viennese wines is aligned to the refined classics of Viennese cuisine.

Our premises

Restaurant Ofenloch is a non-smoking area.


Explore our premises in a virtual tour:

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Taproom (seating capacity: 22):
The oldest room of the restaurant is always iniviting to visit - whether for a good glass of wine or for dinner. Here you sit centrally at the intersection to all our rooms.


Wine arbour (seating capacity: 10):
The design of our arbour allows you to feel such as in the vineyard or outside - at any time of the year. The paintings on the walls and the vines on the borders of the room make our Viennese wines twice as tasty.

Wine arbour

Extra room (seating capacity: 24):
Groups can retire between a tasteful wood paneling and in the glow of an old wodden chandelier. Our extensive collection of hand-carved stubble figures is also worth a visit.

Extra room

Cabinet (seating capacity: 16):
Although this room came with the last enlargement of the restaurant, its restored paneling, lighting and wall decorations gave the impression of an old knight´s room. Here you can find also our oldest memorial piece: a brick from the time of the Roman legions from the 1 st century.


Small room (seating capacity: 15):
In the immediate vincinity of the kitchen and at the heart of the restaurant, you can enjoy our collection of historic postcards which are integrated into the wall paneling. In addition, the historical lamps and the beautiful crown glass windows give a very special flair.

Small room

Outside (seating capacity: 35):
From April to November, we also pamper you with culinary delights in front of our restaurant, in a pleasant and quiet place in one of the oldest streets in the Viennese city center.


Wine cellar:
You can also visit our historical vaulted cellar in the depths of our building. With a cellar tour with or without wine tasting, you will immerse yourself in the world of Viennese wine and learn more about one of the oldest restaurants of Vienna.

Wine cellar